Finding Delight… in God’s Word – 6 Questions to see if we truly find delight in God’s Word

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To delight in something… is to find pleasure, to ‘please greatly,’ and to be captivated by it.  While searching the meaning of “delight,’ I am finding so many avenues to freely run through.   I find myself falling very short of such as related to God’s Word in this particular area.

I will delight in your statutes;
    I will not forget your word.- Psalm 119:16

I love to meander the meanings of words when searching for them in the Bible and in my life.  Let’s ask ourselves these questions in retrospect to how we view the Bible.. really.
de·light – to please greatly,  ‘an experience guaranteed to delight both young and old
to thrill, to gratify, to appeal to, to take pleasure in, to be entertained by, to glory in, to find our joy, our happiness,  and our gladness within
1.  Are we pleased greatly with reading the Bible and applying it to our lives?  Do we find pleasure in the treasure within?
2.  Do we ‘experience’ the Bible as we read it, live it, and share it with others and even back to God in our prayer time?  Thank you, God, for showing me that I can delight in Your Word and that I can truly memorize it in my heart.
3. Do we revel in the fact that the Bible is able to be delighted with both the young and the old?  No matter what ages our children are, we can keep teaching them its ways.
4.  Are we thrilled, appealed with, and entertained by the Word of God?  We can never say we’re ever bored again.  We always have the Word of God to truly satisfy our every longing.
5. Are we excited to read our Bible everyday, allowing it to appeal to our senses, our needs, our every longing, and every desire?  Woah, that is a huge mouthful that doesn’t set well as I have grumbled and complained about yet one more thing to do each day on many occasions.
6. Do we find our true joy and happiness in the pages of the Word of God?  Ouch, this one steps on my toes as well as I have thought to myself how some of the stories of the Old Testament and names of families descendants really can relate to me. 

When I look at this verse and how I view the pages of old breathed and written by God, I find myself setting way short than these descriptions, but it certainly gives me so much to chew on until I open its pages again and apply it to my everyday life.

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To Build a Home…


While reading an excerpt on biblical womanhood this afternoon, I came across some challenging, yet interesting words as so many “good” things are easy to be super involved in, the family, and what makes up the foundation of a Godly home does not have priority in our lives.. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes Godly wisdom… all tough things that cannot come from man alone.

Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

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What Contagion Are You Spreading?

I am a firm believer in the germ theory, which hypothesizes that some diseases are caused by microorganisms that, although are way too small to be seen with the naked eye, invade the body and cause big problems.  Of course, while this theory was once highly controversial, it’s accepted as absolute fact now because of indisputable scientific proof backing it.  We’ve all become well versed in germ names like Ebola, Influenza, and Streptococcal.  These germs and others get into a body, multiply to the point they cause a disease, and then hope to get passed on to somebody new.

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Don’t Ever Stop Clapping for the LGBTQ Community

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a Russian author and critic of Soviet totalitarianism.  He had great reason to be a detractor given his years of imprisonment in Soviet gulags and forced work camps after being charged with writing anti-Soviet propaganda during Stalin’s reign.  Later in life, Solzhenitsyn captured what it was like to live in those times in a book called The Gulag Archipelago.  Those were very dangerous days when anybody at any time could be arrested and sentenced or murdered for basically nothing.  Here’s one haunting story

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