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Love Knows No Limit- Love Series – Part 1

044Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything.  LOVE NEVER FAILS.  1 Corinthians 13:7-8

As my daily scripture calendar looms before me over my kitchen sink, it continuously reminds me of God’s never-ending, unfailing love and promises for His children. It is currently “stuck” on January 24th with this passage from a version of the Bible that I usually never ponder.  The words still ring in my mind, making its way to my heart as we cease the moment to crave its meaning.

Really…no limit?

How often do we limit our own “loves”?  We often say we love something until it hurts, gets uncomfortable, too hard to deal with, takes too much time, whines too much, or just plain makes way too many messes!

As many of us do the day-in-and-out role called Motherhood, we are quite often reminded of the love we have for our children, its endurance, its never-ending, full of hopes, dreams, possibilities inspiration it brings to all… can God really love His children in this way?

No, really… no limit?

We read into the classic, timeless verses of treasure in the Bible that God truly does love us in a LOVE that has no limit.  The lengths He goes, the very fact that Jesus was even a part of the plan to leave the Indescribable splendor of Heaven to reach His Beloved… that’s us.  The tired feet, endless days of serving, the temptations, the hunger, the mocking, the pain, oh, the pain of that cross, the heat, the sweat… no comparison to what little we have to offer another human…

Do you love with limits?  Do you often harbor unforgiveness toward a loved one because they ‘hurt you too much,’ didn’t act in a way you saw fit, or any other reason time has increased its meaning?  Are you missing out on what God’s intention of love is?  No limits?

Do you let yourself ‘love and be loved’? with no limits?

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Responsive Layout


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What little kick you get!- “The Power of Getting Started Series”- Part 3


But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
    they shall walk and not faint.Isaiah 40:31

With great joy last week, I captured this simple, yet unwavering photo of our ivy vines that will soon try to dominate our landscape… Perseverance. Determined to capture the sun on this bone-chilling afternoon, racing up the solid brick wall that provides the perfect backdrop to such a scene.  As I pondered our series the past few days, I can’t help but think of how much we are taught from this beautiful message from the Bible.  Waiting for God’s perfect timing, then running with all of our might to finish the race before us.

The perfect timing is often before us. Discerning it’s arrival is often difficult, or sometimes we make it so.  Once started, however; we are given a “little kick, a boost” from our Gracious, ever- present Creator… As if saying, “Keep going!”  I love when this happens.  I often try to run up our hill right outside our doors… sometimes panting and pretending I am in the Olympics reaching for the top of a great mountain.

It take a ‘little kick’ to get up this hill first of all.  I am reminded of how God desires for us to run and not grow weary, because we are to go in His strength, His guidance.  Praying for discernment is so key in making decisions, starting them, and moving forward in consistency.

What are you praying for?  Have you asked God for discernment regarding the timing, the direction… the everything?  It may be something you feel is simple and mundane like how to get started reorganizing your pantry, the kids’ chore list, menu plan, or a family budget.  Remember, God cares and desires to guide you through this task. Just Ask!

We are currently giving our upstairs a face-lift gearing up for another baby in the house and moving some bedrooms around.  With little ones and medium-sized ones asking, “Mom? Can you check this out, MOM, MOM!” all throughout our days, I have little time to sit and poke through decorating magazines or styles of decor, playroom layout, new school room ideas, or even what a big boy room is supposed to even look like! Praying for the lead in guiding us, giving us the energy and strength to do so amidst the “life” of raising children, schooling, and simply being pregnant is not easy… but so important.

The little tasks done so far on planning and then carrying these out have made me smile, and gave me a ‘little kick’ to do some more.  I am so excited for such upcoming transformation of this space, the children’s lives, and our family.

I challenge you…. start today, and you will “Get a little kick!”


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