While reading an excerpt on biblical womanhood this afternoon, I came across some challenging, yet interesting words as so many “good” things are easy to be super involved in, the family, and what makes up the foundation of a Godly home does not have priority in our lives.. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes Godly wisdom… all tough things that cannot come from man alone.

Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. -Psalm 127:1

This verse is certainly one to hang out on (aren’t they all? :) and to evaluate in one’s own home. There are some sparking questions to ask yourself and your spouse if applicable.  (I know there are many single parent homes out there also searching for ways to build a godly home.  Although there is much on here about a Dad and Mom, all of these tools are relevant for you and designed to build you up in this journey.) Questions we can ask when studying this verse and applying such to our lives may be:

  1. How is god using me to “build up” our home?  This flies farther than the brick and mortar construction and straight into what values and lessons are not only being taught but also being lived out by example.
  2. Are there ways I am trying to do things my own way, and in retrospect, “tearing our house down”?  Are there areas of your life that you are trying to control your own way, despite conviction from God that it is wrong?  Our homes are built by those individuals within it.  A home can be built a the park, while riding down the road, hanging out at the lake with your family, and every place where you spend time together as a family.  Building a home on faith in God knows no boundaries.  It has eternal value, and will always, always be relevant for each member in every aspect of their lives today!  I take that it’s a win-win situation.
  3. What are some ways that I can seek God to build our home and to ‘watch over’ our neighborhood?  In essence, the way we do life determines what values are being taught no matter what kind of list of rules or books we read.  Our children will copy what they see in us as examples far more than anything we say.  Woh!  What a wake-up call, because I can think of many times I failed as an example just yesterday.  God covers us with His grace, and thus teaches us and our children at the same time despite how many times we mess up.  I love that.  As we rest in the Lord, God watches over us, our home, our family, our neighborhood.  Again, this knows no bounds.  We can rest in Budapest, and God is our true watchman. That gives us as parents a great rest while trusting Him.
  4. Am I laboring in vain? Unless God designs it, I am laboring in vain. This gives us all the more reason to start our every day with fervent prayer, asking for His wisdom and direction in every decision we make.  This is not such an easy one, but I’ve seen it so vital in our lives as parents and in teaching our children the same thing.  Yikes!  I better get busy on this one.

I thought this as a good one important to this topic of a Godly ‘home-building.”

Al Mohler on a recent forum, Marriage Rooted in Creation-

“[The family] is the first school, that’s the first government, and a very real sense, in a biblical worldview, it’s the first church,” he said. “What takes place in the home is the most important human institution and it’s absolutely essential for human flourishing, it’s one of God’s greatest gifts to his creatures. That’s why we take it with such importance.

I pray that our homes are built on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ only with His direction and grace, every brick and blot of mortar, every detail and intentional space.